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Timeless Toy Store | Retailer Spotlight

Retailer Spotlight | Jeannie N Mini
April 26, 2017
Rainy Day Activities | Family Fun
April 26, 2017

For this Retailer Spotlight, we are traveling to Chicago to visit our friends at Timeless Toys! This fun and friendly store was established in 1993 by former shopkeepers Harry and Martha Burrows. Their goal was to create a toy store that would be an urban oasis for children and their families. Today, current shopkeeper Scott Friedland keeps this vision alive with his passion for toys and child development.

Read on to learn some more about this adorable shop!

Storefront of Timeless Toys

Name a song that describes your store’s personality best.

The Entertainer.  It has that fun feeling to it and reminds you of when you were a kid.  It brings back that childhood feeling of wonder (or maybe chasing down the ice cream truck)

What inspired you to open your store?

This store was opened by Harry and Martha Burrows.  They wanted to create an urban oasis for kids in the neighborhood that they were raising their son.

What was the inspiration behind your store name?

We are Timeless Toys because our toys will never go out of fashion.  They are toys that don’t necessarily keep up with the current technology, but they are developmental and true to their nature.

How do you pick products that you know will succeed in your store?

I look for toys that fit the description above.  When I look for a toy I ask myself if that toy is going to be relevant across generations.  What benefit does that toy bring to a child other than just entertainment?  And above all else, Is it fun?

What is the key to your store’s success?

The key to the store’s success is the staff and customer service. The staff here at Timeless Toys is knowledgeable about every toy in the store.  Not only do they know what the toy is, but they know why it would be good for your child.  The staff here get’s to know the child you are shopping for.  It’s not about what age they are necessarily.  It is about who that child is, what they like, how they are developing.  We are happy to find the perfect toy for that child, not just the most popular item.

Staff inside Timless Toy Store

What is your favorite ZoLi product?

We love the ZoLi teethers.  They fit in perfectly with our infant section.

Inside the Timless Toy Store

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We had so much fun learning about the Timeless Toys!  Let us know if you have any other ZoLi retailers you would love to hear from.

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